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First re-match of the season

Announcements 13.09.2015.
First re-match of the season

Medvescak start their second series of home games today at 7:30 PM at the Ice hall of Dom sportova. First of the four teams they are hosting are Slovan Bratislava as the first re-match of the season.

After a successful first homestring the Bears went to play their first away-game in Slovnaft Arena in Bratislava and lost it in a tight and demanding match-up.

„In Bratislava it was a hard-fought game and I thought we played very well and could have walked away with points," said head coach Gordie Dwyer and added:"They are fast team, with excellent goaltending and a couple of dangerous guys upfront."

Always inconvenient divisional rivals and closest neighbours in the league currently share the same number of points with the Bears (12) and are coming to the Ice hall with two road wins, and three in a row, after their first homestring which earned them six points out of five games. „It will be an exciting game against Sovan. It always is. We know them pretty well and we're tied in the standings right now. In this moment this is the most important game for us and we've got to come out with a few points. That's what we're aming for,“ Stefano Giliati, Medvescak forward commented.

First game of the season between these two clubs was defined by penalties on both sides, a big ammount of shots on goal for Slovan and their late turnover. Thinking about the first chance of a re-match Dwyer points out:"The most important thing is we have to come out ready to play and be at our best. It will for sure a tough match-up for us, discipline and production will be the key factors."

The Bears are coming back to the Den, to their fans where they hold a four game winning streak:"We're happy to be back in the home rink. The thing is that the fans are great and the atmosphere they creat is excellent. We have four games here and we want to win," said Maksim Topol, who played his first game in Medvescak jersey in Podolsk, in the announcement of the second homestring for the Bears.

First series of away-games could have been better point-wise, but it was good for team building and some of the team had thier first short visit to Russia:„It was great to get away and play in some other rink in the league and see what Russia's like. I was in Russia for the first time. It was nice to see a different, beautiful country. It was really nice to go on a first real roadtrip, everyone traveling together and just spending time together. It was a nice experiance,“ said Giliati.

Tickets are available at all Ticketshop sales spots as well as at www.ticketshop.hr . Tickets will also be available at the box office of Dom sportova which opens 90 minutes before before the start of the game.