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First win on Severstal's ice

Reports 19.01.2017.
First win on Severstal's ice

A slower start, offense that needed time to heat up, but later managed to make the best of the chances they had and an excellent performance by Michael Garnett in net were the main impressions from this season’s fourth encounter of the Bears and Severstal. Garnett stopped all the shots and Tom Zanoski, Alexandre Giroux and Mike Glumac got on the board in the Bears’ first win in Cherepovets.

“We didn’t start the game well and Severstal had a lot better chances in the first period. With that, our goaltending was superb. Had they reached the goal first, this would have been a different game. But that goal gave us confidence, we adopted our game and limited their chances. Our penalty kill did a great job tonight,” Gordie Dwyer, Medvescak’s head coach summed it all up.

Video source: www.khl.ru

KHL goes on a short break for the All Star Game that will be a big finale of the All Star Week in Ufa. The game, in a new format is scheduled for Sunday, 22 January. The teams will be divided by divisions and play 3-on-3 games that will decided who faces off in the final at 2 PM CET.

As for the Bears, they are on the road for the Far East. The first of three teams that will host them is Admiral Vladivostok. The puck drops on Tuesday, 24 January at 10.30 AM CET.


KHL, Ice Palace Cherepovets, Cherepovets


13:10 0-1 Zanoski (Pare)

44:47 0-2 Giroux (Pare)

53:20 0-3 Glumac (Pare)

SHOTS ON GOAL: 32 - 36

PENALTIES: 8 min – 10 min

HC SEVERSTAL CHEREPOVETS: Kovar, Smiryagin, Kagarlitsky, Chernov, Polak, Masuhr, Sizov, Trubachyov, Vovchenko, Trunyov, Stasenko, Jezhov, Hatsey, Monakhov, Ugarov, Kudako, Wilson, Kodola, Avtsin, Karlin, Lapin, Hohlov

KHL MEDVESCAK ZAGREB: Garnett, Gajdučenko, Voronin, Giroux, Pare, Bezina, Parlett, Lessio, Smejkal, Bolduc, Katic, Krejcik, Glumac, Mahbod, Arkalov, Smith, Larkin, Milicic, Zanoski, Perkovich, Kozak

Photo: HC Severstal Cherepovets