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Friendly Croatia vs Slovenia derby ahead of World Championship

News 24.03.2015.
Friendly Croatia vs Slovenia derby ahead of World Championship
The Croatian senior men’s national ice hockey team will be taking part in the World Championship Division I Group B from April 13-19th. They will be going up against Great Britain, Lithuania, Estonia, Korea, and home team Netherlands in Eindhoven in hopes of making it to a higher level of the competition. The training camp is already in full swing, and before heading to the WC, Team Croatia will have a test against the extremely strong Team Slovenia, which has former Medvescak goalies Robert Kristan and Gasper Kroselj, a forward Marcel Rodman, along with international stars such as Anze Kopitar and Jan Marusak. Slovenia’s team has performed at the WC 22 times, playing 7 times in the Elite division they’re in this year, and has won 6 gold medals in Division I, while in 2014 in Sochi they made their debut at the Winter Olympic Games where they even made it to the quarterfinals. 
The exhibition game between Croatia and Slovenia will be held on April 7th at 7PM in Dom Sportova’s Ice Hall. Tickets cost 20 HRK, sale begins April 1st at all Ticketshop locations. On the first day of sales (Arpil 1st), tickets will be available at an exclusive cost of 10 HRK (offer only valid on April 1st). Tickets will also be available on game day at Dom Sportova’s ticket counter (open 3 hours ahead of game time). Seats are not numbered on tickets. 
Child tickets
Children under the age of 7 are allowed a free child ticket. A free child ticket can be obtained with the purchase of an adult ticket. 
Tickets for persons with disabilities
Persons with disabilities can obtain a free ticket, while those accompanying them must pay full ticket prices. Tickets for disabled persons can be obtained at Dom Sportova’s ticket counter just ahead of game time upon presentation of disability documentation. The number of free tickets for persons with disabilities is limited to the number of spots available for disabled persons inside the venue.