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From 4 points down to the win: Bears make unbelievable turnaround

Reports 04.01.2015.
From 4 points down to the win: Bears make unbelievable turnaround
What a start to the new year... The Bears are back in the Den and they celebrated an incredible 0:4 to 5:4 turnaround in their first game of 2015 against Slovan.
''We played well in the first period and I couldn't believe we were losing by two goals, it was frustrating. The first goal was a lucky shot from an odd angle, after that we picked up momentum and managed to completely turn the game around. Now we have to grow from this game. This was a great turnaround, but it isn't the biggest of my career, because when I was coaching Louisiana we were down 7:1 after the 40th minute and then we won the game 8:7'', said Coach Doug Shedden.
From the first puck drop, Medvescak showed who was more eager for the win and dominated the ice right off the bat, playing most of the game in the opponent's end. Despite that, the score didn't change in the first ten minutes. In the 14th minute Slovan took the lead thanks to Jeglic on his third shot at net. The Bears barely had time to recover when Stasny put Bratislava's team two points in the lead. The Bears' best opportunity came for Glumac during a penalty kill just before the first period was up, but Janus reacted promptly and kept his net untouched. 
Source: www.khl.ru
In the second period Slovan quickly came to 0:3 in a powerplay. Former Bear Murley caught a pass and got the puck in the corner of Owuya's net in the 24th minute. Not even two minutes later, there was a replay of the third goal as Murley got the puck on the left side, came to the center of the circle, and slammed the puck above Owuya's left shoulder. In the 30th minute Zagreb's team finally got past Janus, and the Bears' first goal of 2015 was scored by Bill Thomas. That also happened to be Medvescak's 100th goal of the season. Mike Glumac then made it 2:4 barely thirty seconds later. In the 36th minute Andrew Murray brought Medvescak to being just one point behind. 
''We're happy we won. Halfway through the game it didn't look like we'd take the three points, but we did it. The team is aware of how important every game is, and we went into the game well, after which we scored five goals in a row. This is a huge win for us, we showed that we have character for this kind of turnaround'', said Thomas. 
The Bears return to the game was completed by Edvin Hedberg in the 45th minute by evening the playing field. In the 51st minute Pascal Pelletier was the fifth Bear to score, and unbelievably put Medvescak in the lead after they were lagging behind by four points.