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Game to end a strong friendship for 60 minutes

Announcements 17.09.2014.
Game to end a strong friendship for 60 minutes
On Thursday 09/18 beginning at 8PM, after more than a year, Medvescak and Russia's mighty CSKA will go head to head once again in Dom Sportova. The Den certainly didn't leave Moscow's team with many pleasant memories since the Bears, fired up by the fans' support, completely blew them out of the water with a remarkable 7:1 win at the very start of the season. But, the Bears weren't just tough cookies for CSKA to crack that one time. Near the end of the regular season the Bears beat them again, this time in Moscow with 3:1. They will try to continue the streak this season, beginning on Thursday. The game between Zagreb and Moscow's teams will also rekindle a friendship between two Olympians; Marcel Rodman from Jesenice in Medvescak's jersey, and Jan Mursak from Maribor in the Red Army's jersey.
''Jan is a great player. He's very fast and shoots really well which always makes him a dangerous opponent, and in the past five games he's already scored four goals. It won't be easy for us with him'', said Rodman about CSKA's forward's abilities, adding:
''We're great friends and it's always a pleasure to see him. But, don't let our friendship fool you. On Thursday when the clock strikes eight and the ref drops the first puck, our friendship goes on hold until the ref calls the end of the game. I'm sure Jan is the same way. During the game only the team counts, in that moment there is no one else.''
CSKA are coming to Zagreb with four wins and one loss (12 points) under their belt. What can we expect?
''I watched that game last season when Medvescak beat them 7:1. It was an incredible win. But CSKA is CSKA. They're a Russian and global hockey institution. They always have a good team, and I'm sure that we have a very hard game ahead of us. Despite some unfortunate losses, we have to remain positive, and we need to transfer the energy from the stands into the locker room and prove ourselves on the ice against CSKA.''