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Genoway: We need a bounce back game

Reports 31.08.2016.
Genoway: We need a bounce back game

In the second game on home ice of the Ice Hall, Zagreb Bears suffered the first defeat of the season in a game against Torpedo Nizhny Novgorod. The guests came about a convincing win (1:6) with five goals more than the hosts.

“They out-worked us, we made mistakes and took penalties, it came down to that. No philosophy there,” Colby Genoway, the only scorer for the home team said after the game.

Although the first twenty minutes were spent in the two teams testing each other out, and the Bears building a bigger pressure coming to the end, the guest were the ones to take a two goal lead to first break. Torpedo kept the scoring pace of two per period till the end, and Medvescak managed to answer with only one goal.

“In the first few games we got a bit lucky, we relied on our goalie to keep us in it, but that was a recipe for disaster. We have to forget about this and move forward. We left Niko out to dry tonight, that can’t happen. We need a bounce back game,” Genoway said.

“Torpedo had some timely goals and they kept playing to their strengths. We knew it would be tough, we knew they’ll be in it after their game in Bratislava. Their goals were a bit demoralizing and obviously halted our offense. They played a very successful and efficient road game. They have the depth for it, and later on it was very difficult for us to make a comeback,” Medvescak’s Head Coach, Gordie Dwyer commented on both teams.

Genoway scored the only goal for the hosts nearing the end of the second period on a power play when the guests were up by four. Niko Hovinen started in net for the Bears, but he was pulled and replaced by Danny Taylor in the third period.

In the end, coach Dwyer concluded: “It had to happen, sooner or later. It’s better that it happened this way and we all saw it. We hope for a better game and performance on Friday.”

Edwin Hedberg, who used his speed to create scoring chances, was pronounced as the Player of the game.

Video source: www.khl.ru

Next game in Dom sportova, and the only one until the last day of September, is on Friday, 2 September, when the Bears host Spaktak Moskva starting at 6:45 PM.


KHL, Ice Hall of Dom sportova, Zagreb


01:35 0-1 Grachyov

18:35 0-2 Mozer (Galuzin, Potapov)

26:00 0-3 Osipov (Višnevskij, Galuzin)

23:45 0-4 Lofquist (Galuzin, Potapov) PP2

36:51 1-4 Genoway (Smith, Pare) PP1

54:35 1-5 Semin (Galuzin)

56:36 1-6 Grachyov (Urakov, Osipov)

SHOTS ON GOAL: 28 - 39

PENALTES: 51 min - 16 min

KHL MEDVESCAK ZAGREB: Taylor, Hovinen, Sauve, Genoway, Parlett, Mahbod, Giroux, Smejkal, Glumac, Brule, Hedberg, Butler, Bolduc, Larkin, Bezina, Smith, Morrisonn, McMillan, Katic, Pare

HC TORPEDO NIZHNY NOVGOROD: Kasutin, Proskuryakov, Yegorshev, Lofquist, Ashton, Galuzin, Mozer, Rasskazov, Norman, Zharkov, Osipov, Frolov, Vishnevsky, Semin, Shulenin, Pettersson, Urakov, Grachyov, Kalashnikov, Potapov, Kulyomin, Veryayev

Photo: Igor Šoban / Pixsell