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Get involved – let's stop hunger in Croatia

News 20.03.2017.
Get involved – let's stop hunger in Croatia

NGO “Portal dobrote” whose socially conscious projects Zagreb Bears are always ready and willing to support and urge their fans and partners to get involved, invites us to picture “a green (and happy) world where nobody is hungry anymore because food is not wasted and our environment is not polluted“.

This big, green social initiative once again came from a desire to promote social solidarity and create public awareness for the problems of those in need. By using a mobile app 'Green Happy Hour' the goal is to connect in real time family farms, fishermen, small restaurants, bakeries and pastries and food banks and give you information where you can buy an affordable, locally produced product, cooked meal or where to donate the food you don’t need.

Every year in Croatia 400 000 tons of food is wasted! The value of wasted food is around 4 billion kuna (around 570 million USD). And one-fifth of citizens of Croatia live below the poverty line. The goal of the project is to reduce food waste by 30% through the next five years.

Mobile app of 'Let's feed Croatia' project will enable:

- donating your extra food to the nearest food bank in your neighbourhood

- buying healthy and locally produced products directly from local farms for lower price

- buying more affordable cooked food in restaurants, bakeries and pastries

To create and start this application, NGO 'Portal dobrote' needs 40 000 USD. This is the point where we all can (and must) help because even the smallest help is welcome! On Indiegogo website a crowdfunding campaign was started and everyone can chip according to their possibilities.

You can give money by clicking 'BACK IT' and choosing an amount or a perk.

If you are not in a possibility to financially back this project, support it by sharing the campaign on social media.

This big and positive humanitarian mission is a kind of continuation of 'Bread for later' and 'No child left hungry' project. In the latter one, the Bears, together with their fans and partners have secured several thousands of daily meals from the less fortunate Croatian pupils.

And don't forget, education and general knowledge are the greatest wealth.