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Gilbert Brule, a name to connect the NHL, Bono, & humanitarianism

Transfers 18.07.2015.
Gilbert Brule, a name to connect the NHL, Bono, & humanitarianism
If you thought Medvescak was done putting together the pieces of its 2015-16 season KHL team, you were wrong. Yet another spot in the Bears' locker room is reserved, this time for Gilbert Brule – a name that connects the NHL, Bono, and humanitarianism, and a player who spent the last season on Avtomobilist's frontline...
''Brule will fit in with our team really well and we believe that he will be a big help for us. He's an extremely good forward and skater. Until we signed Brule, we were missing that top center and we are happy to have found that in him'', stated Medvescak's Sports Director Aaron Fox.
Gilbert Brule stepped into the world of pro hockey at 18 years of age after the Columbus Blue Jackets picked him in their first round (6th overall) at the 2005 NHL draft. Throughout his first pro season ('05-06) he played 7 games with the Blue Jackets, and the following year he fought his way to a spot not only with Columbus, but also with the Edmonton Oilers and Arizona Coyotes. From time to time he played for the AHL's Syracuse Crunch, Springfield Falcons, Oklahoma City Barons, and Portland Pirates, and had his first European experience during the '12-13 NHL lockout, playing 14 games for Swiss ZSC Lions.
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This 28-year-old Canadian doesn't just do good on the ice; Brule is a person who doesn't give up, who comes out stronger from challenges, and does good for others... This is what life taught him to do at a young age, when his 12-year-old sister lost her battle with cerebral palsy and passed away. The love for his sister, whose name he has tattooed on his wrist, is something that always inspired Gilbert to do great things, whether on the ice or off it. In Leah's honour. In 2010 he donated 10,000 USD to a very sick boy in Edmonton who needed money for an expensive operation.
A year later Brule jumped in to help out U2's frontman Bono. The Irish rocker and his assistant were hitchhiking on the roads of Vancouver when Brule stopped and picked them up. To thank him, Bono invited him to the U2 concert the following day, and during the concert he thanked him for the ride.