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Glumac: ''I'm back because there are so many kids I haven't read to''

Transfers 01.07.2015.
Glumac: ''I'm back because there are so many kids I haven't read to''
Mike Glumac and Nathan Perkovich have a second home in Medvescak and Zagreb, and we will be seeing more of them in the Ice Hall this season.
Once you've felt the warmth of the Bears, the Den, Medvescak’s fans, and Zagreb, and when you truly connect with those four elements, it becomes hard to ever break that bond. Forward Nathan Perkovich felt that back in 2012 when he joined the Bears, and throughout the years that connection has only grown stronger. There was never any questions with him, he never weighed Medvescak against any other club. He simply new – ''I'm staying in Medvescak, if the club still wants me, that is''.
''I can't describe how happy and excited I am to return to Zagreb and play another season with Medvescak. After spending three seasons here with my fiancée, we feel like Zagreb is our second home. In the world of hockey you often live like a nomad, you often move from one city to another, one country to another, one league to another, and one club to another... Staying in the same city and club for four years is something that every player wants'', said Perkovich.
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Perkovich isn't the only one with his heart set on coming back to Medvescak and Zagreb, because so is Mike Glumac. The number 16 jersey remains with the 35-year-old forward who is an important figure on Medvescak's KHL team as well as the Croatian national team which he joined this year. However, Glumac's return won't just cheer up Medvescak’s fans, but also all the young Croatian kids who Medvescak's player didn't get a chance to read to last season – including stories such as Goldilocks and the Three Bears and The Slipper Cat as part of UNICEF's 'Read to Me!' campaign.
''I had no questions about wanting to come back. I'm coming back because there are still many Croatian children whom I haven't read to and need our help. I didn't want to and I couldn't let those kids down, and I have to admit I'm starting to miss our little reading tours. I'm going to tell you a secret: every once in a while take a peek at Goldilocks and Slipper Cat because they bring me back to Zagreb right away and I remember those moments spent with the kids, their correcting my Croatian (smile), and how much it warms up the heart when you bring out a smile on a child's face... I hope that this season we manage to cheer up even more children'', said Glumac.
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Maksim Topol trying out
Aside from Perkovich and Glumac remaining in Medvescak, there are more news. Twenty-six-year-old Maksim Topol has joined the Bears. The Russian defenseman is coming down for a professional tryout period to try and convince coach Dwyer to give him a spot on the team. Topol spent the past four seasons in VHL (second Russian league) with SKA-Neva St. Petersburg.