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Great news from Ljubljana for Medvescak's U16 team

Reports 29.03.2015.
Great news from Ljubljana for Medvescak's U16 team
Medvescak’s U16 team won second place in Ljubljana at the playoff tournament of the European Rookie Cup, which was established this year by participating EBEL teams through EU development projects with the overall goal to motivate children to get involved in sports for their health and to teach them about the values of sports and beyond them. 
On the last day of the tournament the young Bears defeated Slavija 5:3 (3:0, 2:2, 0:1). Medvescak had Sven Rastovski on net, and goals were scored by David Bublic, Tomo Trstenjak, Matija Stubicar, Ayden William Letang, and Dominic Rene Canic. 
Medvescak's U16 team did a great job in Ljubljana with two victories. Since only the 1st place team moves on to the final tournament of the European Rookie Cup, which will be held in early April in Salzburg, unfortunately the players from Zagreb won’t be there this year. Hungary’s MAC will be taking part in the final tournament, while the Bears will have a new opportunity next season at the second edition of the Rookie Cup. However, being in second place behind Graz and Slavija is a tremendous achievement for Croatia’s players who not only played in games, but also took part in lectures, workshops, and hung out with players from other teams which is a highly professional experience for young national players. 
Ranking: 1st MAC 9, 2nd Medvescak 6, 3rd Slavija 4, 4th Graz 0.