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Great night at home – Bears get 3 points, St. Pierre outstanding player

Reports 14.09.2014.
Great night at home – Bears get 3 points, St. Pierre outstanding player
The Bears simply could not lose this game. It was too important and too packed with emotions, not just because of the much-needed points that were missed out on in the first four games, but also because this was their first game in front of home fans in the Ice Hall this season. Before the game against Severstal, the Bears all agreed on one thing: that the fans would give them the energy needed to beat their opponents. And that's what happened. The fans gave the Bears wings, and the Bears gave the fans a 5:2 victory, along with an unforgettable introduction into the KHL home season. Just before the start of the game, there were two videos played on the projector. One served as the introduction to Medvescak's second KHL season, and the other to mark Letang's departure from a player's career and the captain's role, followed by Alan Letang's address to the audience and passing on of the captain's patch to Andrew Murray. At the end the whole procession was rounded out with national anthems of both clubs... And then the hockey could begin.
Even though they started off the game with two penalties for Martin St. Pierre in the 2nd minute and Andrew Stewart in the 4th, in the 8th minute the Bears were already at 1:0 thanks to Martin St. Pierre, followed by 2:0 in the 18th thanks to Nathan Perkovich. In the first period Severstal took more shots on goal (11:16), but they couldn't break Brust. He cleared up everything in front of the net. 
''The key to winning were our special teams, which did an incredible job. In the final period we slowed down a bit, but that's human nature. It's hard to earn points in this league, I learned that in our away games. I'm proud of the boys for how they played this game and how they reacted, and the fans kept them fired up with their cheering'', said Medvescak's coach Chuck Weber.
In the remaining two periods the Bears carried on as they started, and scored three more times before time was up – Mark Katic (23rd min.), Pascal Pelletier (34th), and Andrew Murray (43rd). In the 39th minute Severstal took a penalty shot and made the score 4:1, followed by 5:2 in the 43rd minute.