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Happy 68th Birthday to UNICEF!

News 10.12.2014.
Happy 68th Birthday to UNICEF!
On this day, December 11th, 68 years ago UNICEF was ‘born’ – an organization that has been devoted to children since day one, has cared about their rights and needs, and encouraged the need for them to have the childhood they deserve. 
Throughout the years, UNICEF has become the world’s leading organization for helping children in the toughest moments from early childhood to adolescence survive and developing their potential. 
Since 2010, a part of UNICEF’s family, and thereby of every child’s family across the globe, has been KHL Medvescak Zagreb. That made Zagreb’s club the only hockey club to carry the title of UNICEF Sports Partner, and put them amongst the ranks of the world’s biggest sports teams such as soccer giants FC Barcelona, FC Manchester United, and Argentina’s Boca Juniors. Since becoming a UNICEF Sports Partner, Medvescak has happily taken part in many initiatives, particularly those aimed at stopping violence against children. 
That said…
We would like to wish a very happy 68th Birthday to our friends and guardians of children, UNICEF!
KHL Medvescak Zagreb