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Happy birthday to guardians of children and childhood!

News 10.12.2016.
Happy birthday to guardians of children and childhood!

On this day 70 years ago, 11 December 1946 an agency whose sole purpose would be to contribute to the welfare of all children in the world, was born. From the moment of that groundbreaking decision, UNICEF helped millions of children worldwide to survive and develop their potential.

Weather in a war stricken areas, or in peace, with their campaigns UNICEF always promoted children's rights and encouraged the creation of a more positive and a higher quality surroundings in which children could freely develop from infancy to adolescence.



Medvescak and UNICEF are bound with a strong friendship created through successful projects in campaigns, current and past, that have created many happy memories. Bears are proud to have had the opportunity to contribute to creating a better world for children – our future.



On the occasion of this big anniversary, UNICEF will once again transform the Museum of Illusions in Zagreb to the Museum of Reality where for a week they will 'revive' often shocking reality in which many children live. In addition to Zagreb, the Museum of Reality will open its doors in Zadar na Ljubljana.



To our dear friends and guardians of children in UNICEF, happy 70th birthday!