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Heeter: It wasn’t our night

Reports 19.11.2014.
Heeter: It wasn’t our night

Medvescak tested their strength for the first time this season against major rivals Dinamo Minsk, who arrived to Zagreb on a five game winning streak and left with the points.

The game got intense right off the bat. The Bears scored first. After Dinamo passed up a powerplay in the 10th minute, the Bears got on in the 15th. Martin St. Pierre, Brandon Segal, and Pascal Pelletier put pressure on Danny Taylor’s net, until Pelletier finally got the puck in the net.

''I was hoping for a win in my first game and I’m sorry we didn’t. I think we played well, we put up a fight, but it wasn’t our night. Now we have to get to work, forget this game, and focus on the next one ahead of us’’, said goalie Cal Heeter, who made his debut in Medvescak’s jersey and the KHL.

The second period kicked off with a penalty shot. Mark Flood got a penalty in the 22nd minute and the ref game Dinamo’s player a free shot, but Aleksander Materuhin didn’t stand a chance against goalie Heeter. Nevertheless, Dinamo took the lead with a counterattack from Dmitri Meleshko in the 35th minute.

In the final period the guests got two points ahead with a goal by Artur Gavrus in the 43rd, while four minutes later Brandon Segal lifted the atmosphere on the ice scoring for 2:3. After that goal, the Bears attacked even more but the puck never made it in the net and three points went to Dinamo who scored two more times before the game was over.

‘’If you want to make it to the playoffs, points are important whether you’re playing on home ice or on the road’’, commented Heeter on the lost points.