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Ice Hall transforms from hockey to tennis

News 31.01.2015.
Ice Hall transforms from hockey to tennis
The Bears played their last home game in January on the 22nd against Dinamo from Minsk, and as soon as the final whistle was blown and the players left the ice, the Den began its ‘transformation’ to be ready on the 31st for one of Croatia’s biggest tennis tournaments, PBZ Zagreb Indoors, and its stars and fans. Because the Den didn’t move to Arena Zagreb this season, the Bears might actually have had a harder task ahead of them than the one that includes making ice and holding hockey games in the beauty of a stadium. 
In order to give Dom Sportova a new outfit and turn the icy rink into a tennis court, the makeover took 42 people from Medvescak, Dom Sportova, and ATP Indoors who worked tirelessly for seven days from Jan 22-29th in three shifts. First they had to remove the ice, take down the glass, the boards, make sure to remove all moisture from the surface, set up new lighting for a tennis tournament, lay out the hardwood, additional stands, set up the court, barriers, set the venue for the event… Compare that to Boston’s TD Garden, where the NHL’s Boston Bruins and NBA’s Boston Celtics play, which only requires six hours to turn the rink into a basketball court. 
Watch the video to see Dom Sportova transform from a hockey house to a tennis court. Good work Bears!