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Important subjects discussed at KHL teams meeting

News 19.03.2014.
Important subjects discussed at KHL teams meeting
On Wednesday 19 March 2014 in Moscow, representative of all of the teams competing in the Kontinental Hockey League met to discuss together certain provisions of the league's Regulation handbook.  The meeting was held by the president of the KHL's Board of Directors Gennadi Timchenko, the KHL's president Aleksander Medvjedev, and vice president Vladimir Shalaev.
The meeting particularly touched on questions about match registrations, the status of foreign players, the amount of legionary players in Russian clubs, player loans, early termination of player contracts by the club, list of rejected claims, monetary fines for misconduct during games, player selection in the team staff, transfer of players from one club to another and within the same club, membership to the KHL player's union, and the Juniors Draft.
The clubs agreed on most of the head topics, but the final decision about those topics will be made by the KHL's management.