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Jurcina invited to the All-Star Game

News 13.01.2016.
Jurcina invited to the All-Star Game

Another acknowledgement for the Bears came right before the match against Spartak Moscow. Milan Jurcina, Medvescak’s defender was invited to the All-Star team of the West and thus Bears  will have a representative at the All-Star Game for the third time in a row.

Jurcina played 43 games this season tallying 13 assists and four goals. Two of those 13 assists came about in the games against Spartak, right after the selection was announced.

“I found out about the invitation right before the game. It’s a good feeling to be invited to an All-Star Game, but I must say I’m surprised. Of course, it is a great honor to be a part of it and it will for sure be fun for both players and fans,” Jurcina, who participated in the NHL and QMJHL All-Star Games, said.

After the fans and media representatives elected goaltenders and the first two lines, league representatives have completed teams’ East and West lineups. The eight All-Star Game is scheduled for Saturday, January 23, at the VTB Ice Palace in Moscow. Full rosters can be found here.

In the first two seasons of competing in the KHL, Medvescak was represented in the All-Star Games by Jonathan Cheechoo and Kurtis Foster (2014, Bratislava) and Pascal Pelletier (2015, Sochi).