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Katic decided the game

Reports 06.08.2016.
Katic decided the game

Two games, two wins, two shutouts and two shorthanded goals sum up Medvescak's exhibition games in this phase of training camp for the upcoming KHL season.

Together with a lot of penalties and stoppages of play, which caused today’s, second game in the Czech Republic, to end before the time was up. The Bears faced off against HC Verva Litvinov in what was a second exhibition game of preseason for both teams.

"The game was intense and played physically by both clubs. I liked our team's compete and resilience. Unfortunately the standard of officiating was once again very disappointing this evening which lead to frustration by both teams.

Medvescak players stick up for each other and did so tonight. Surprisingly the game was called off with time remaining but we will take the win, move on to the UK and continue to prepare for the upcoming season," Medvescak's Head Coach Gordie Dwyer said on the game after the referee decided to stop it with seven minutes left on the clock.

That we’re in for a game much like the first one against Avangard, could be seen from the very beginning. A lot of physical play often ended in penalties on both sides of the ice. The first big scoring chance of the game was Edwin Hedberg’s in the middle of the first period, but his shot was blocked by Janus and the score-board showed the initial 0:0 going into the first break.

Danny Taylor stood in net for Zagreb team and was ready and alert for all Czech attempts on goal, keeping it empty.

The pace of the first period carried on to the second, and that emotions ran high and were not going to subside, was hinted by the very ending of the period when two players got game misconducts (Hedberg and Horava), and four a roughing penalty.

The only goal of the game was scored in the initial minutes of the third period. With Tomas Mertl serving a penalty, Shaone Morrisonn punished Litvinov power play team's mistake, shot on goal and the puck bounced to Mark Katic who didn't miss a chance and secured what would be the winning lead.

This was Medvescak's final exhibition game in the Czech Republic. Training camp will continue in Wales, more specific, in Cardiff where, after a week's worth of practice the Bears will face off against the local Cardiff Devils in their new arena – on Saturday, 13 August starting at 8 PM CEST, and a day later starting at 7 PM CEST.


Preseason game, Winter stadium Ivan Hlinka, Litvinov, Czech Republic


42:28 0-1 Katic (Morrisonn) SH1

HC VERVA LITVINOV: Pinc, Janus, Kubat, Frolo, Kokes, Pavlik, Pavelka, Gula,  Sestak, Nejezchleb, M. Hanzl, Lukes, Stribrny, R. Hanzl, J. Cerny, Horava, Havlicek, Travnicek, Simecek, Valek, Havelka, K. Cerny, Sørvik, Sklenicka, Lukes, Martynek, Gerhat, Jurcik, T. Dolezal, J. Dolezal

KHL MEDVESCAK ZAGREB: Hovinen, Taylor, Giroux, Mertl, Genoway, Morrisonn, Parlett, McMillan, Brule, Pare, Krejcik, Smith, Katic, Mahdob, Hedberg, Bezina, Larkin, Zanoski, Arkalov, Glumac, Smejkal, Sauve