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Krog: Season has ups and down, what matters is perseverance

Announcements 10.09.2014.
Krog: Season has ups and down, what matters is perseverance
After former two-time champions Ak Bars, the Bears are visiting current KHL champions Metallurg Magnitogorsk on Wednesday (3PM). Last season Medvescak tested its strength against Metallurg twice. In Magnitogorsk the score was 4:0 for Metallurg, and then 2:1 in Zagreb for the Bears. The reigning champions started off this season with two home wins, 6:1 against Dynamo Moscow and 4:1 against Atlant, and a 2:3 loss against Slovan, while the Bears have lost their first three games. 
''I've heard from my teammates what kind of club they are and what tradition they have. They have a competitive team every season and it's hard to outplay them. But regardless of that, we have to be mentally and physically prepared for this game'', said forward Jason Krog, adding:
''We didn't play our best game against Ak Bars, but we played a lot better against Avtomobilist. After losing you always analyze your mistakes and try to fix your game. Throughout the season there will be ups and downs, but what matters is that we persevere, which we intend to.''