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Lada stop the Bears

Reports 22.10.2014.
Lada stop the Bears
Mevdescak lost to Lada in their third Eastern road game. This season's second faceoff between the two teams ended in 2:1.
The Bears played another tight game against Lada, but with a different outcome from the one played in Zagreb when the Bears celebrated 5:1. The first period ended in a tie. After a few unsuccessful tries, the Bears took the lead in the 10th minute. The Leino-Thomas-Anderson lineup reacted really well once again, just as they did in the game against Traktor. Matt Anderson and Ville Leino set up the puck for Bill Thomas, who was located right in front of goalie Ilya Jezov and took care of the lead. Four minutes later Dmitri Ogurcov retaliated for the home team. 
''We played a really good game. We played great penalty kills, especially when we neutralized Lada's attack while we were down two players. I think that we should have been up a player lots of times, especially when Leino was crosschecked, but with or without him, we have to score points. Despite the loss, I'm happy with the game we demonstrated'', said Medvescak's Coach Doug Shedden. 
In the second period, after 20 seconds of play, Lada's players took over the lead thanks to Juri Petrov. The Bears tried to tie things up before the end of the period, but due to the penalties they accrued (18 minutes), the score remained the same. In the final period they play with more discipline and applied pressure in the opponents' end, but Lada's goalie saw to it to keep all of Medvescak's attempts as just attempts.
Photo: Lada Togliatti