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League's leading team too strong for Bears' attack

Reports 13.02.2015.
League's leading team too strong for Bears' attack
The Bears were welcomed to Moscow's Ice Palace by SKA, the league's leading team. Even though the Red Army only had nine losses this season and were on a six-game winning streak, Zagreb's boys didn't want to give up without a fight. They laid their hearts out on the ice, but the 5:2 victory went to the home team.
''Now it's clear that unfortunately we haven't achieved our goal of making the playoffs and creating another wonder in the KHL season by getting to the playoffs for the second season in a row with our budget. There are four more games ahead of us and I'm sure that the players will want to give it their all to finish the season in the best way possible. For me and my team that still means a lot of work, above all we have to finalize this season and start preparing for the next KHL season. We're going to analyze unfulfilled expectations, potential misjudgments and mistakes, and we are going to try and figure out how not to repeat them and fix them for next season’’, said Medvescak’s President Damir Gojanovic.
The Bears started the game off in the best way possible. After just 51 seconds, Pascal Pelletier got past CSKA's goalie Kevin Lalande, followed four minutes later by Edwin Hedberg on an assist from Mark Flood. Even though the home team had a total of 13 shots on goal by the end of the period, goalie Mark Owuya didn't let anything get in his net. 
''Before this game our team was worried because of the score in CSKA's last game in which they defeated Severstal 12:0. But, we held our own really well against a team as strong as CSKA. The first period was ours, and that was a big thing for us. The deciding moment was the one at the start of the second period when we were down a player. We should have done better on that penalty kill because CSKA turned that moment to their advantage'', commented Medvescak's Coach Doug Shedden.
CSKA's players kept up the pressure in the second period. In the 21st minute they made it 1:2 with the help of Stephan Da Costa, and then Roman Ljubimov tied the game in the 23rd minute, followed by a turnaround to 3:2 thanks to Jan Marushak, and then a powerplay goal for 4:2 by Igor Grigoryenko seven minutes later. Despite falling behind, the Bears kept up the fight, but CSKA, who set the final 5:2 score in the final period were too powerful. 
Even though this loss means no KHL playoffs for them, the season isn't over yet for the Bears because they still have four games left in the regular season in which they're going to play at a top level despite their situation so as to finish the 2014-15 season with dignity and as many points possible. 
''Despite this loss we don't plan on giving up on these remaining four games. We're going to keep fighting because we want to finish the season with a win or two, and in that way we can thank the fans for still being with us whether we're winning or losing'', said forward Martin St. Pierre.