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Let's try to leave no child in Croatia hungry!

News 16.12.2014.
Let's try to leave no child in Croatia hungry!
The ''Give Christmas to Someone Who Maybe Only Dreams of It!'' (Darujte Bozic nekome tko mozda samo sanja o njemu!) initiative, which Medvescak started in late November, is getting another edition: a mini Christmas fair! On Monday, December 22nd, during Medvescak’s last game of the year, the club will organize a mini Christmas fair. At Medvescak’s Christmas fair you will be able to buy greeting cards designed together by players and their youngest fans on Saturday (12/20) in Supernova, as well as the ‘’Medvescak in the KHL’’ book a special discounted Christmas price, and works by kids from foster homes. For the Christmas fair to be as warm as possible, the club’s partners Podravka and Badel will join and provide mulled wine for players during intermissions. The mini Christmas fair will be held in front of Dom Sportova’s Ice Hall (near the venue entrance), and all proceeds will be donated to the ‘’Let’s leave no child in Croatia hungry’’ project. The ‘’Give Christmas to Someone Who Maybe Only Dreams of It’’ initiative was created by the charitable organization Portal Dobrote with the goal to raise money for children whose parents can’t afford to pay for lunch in school. 
Aside from the Christmas fair, part of the ‘’Give Christmas to Someone Who Maybe Only Dreams of It’ initiative will be collecting winter clothes for the homeless once again at Medvescak’s game on Monday. There will be a rack with coat hangers near Dom Sportova’s entrance where people can hang coats. Two loads of winter clothes have already been donated to the homeless, but there are still many in need. If you have a winter hat or jacket that you no longer wear, please bring it to the Ice Hall and warm up someone’s freezing body.
You can follow all of the other wonderful 'GIVE CHRISTMAS TO SOMEONE WHO MIGHT ONLY DREAM OF IT' initiatives on the Facebook page BLUE XMAS 365 where we will be posting stories about how you 'gifted Christmas' (send them to us at [email protected]), which we believe will inspire others to do something equally nice.
Merry Christmas to all, no matter when you celebrate it.