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Linglet: Game against Minsk will be more special than others

Announcements 05.01.2014.
Linglet: Game against Minsk will be more special than others
On Monday when the little hand strikes 7 and the big hand lands on 6, the Bears will play their final game of the preliminary part of this season's KHL championship in Dom Sportova. January's final opponent to meet the Bears' ferocious fans in the Ice Hall and feel their enthusiasm and thunderous voice boxes will be Dinamo from Minsk. The first match between Medvescak and Dinamo back in early October 2013 remains in Zagreb's chilly boys' good memory both as being the first away win of the season (2:3) as well as their seventh win in a row that crushed the record for most consecutive wins for a debut team. However, that doesn't mean that Medvescak's players will have an easy task. Although Belarus' Dinamo are at the bottom of the Western Conference, that doesn't mean that they're going to let three points just slip them by.
''That game will be more special than others because I spent two seasons in Minsk, but despite that, I'm going to focus on our game and give it my best for my team to win. Before the game in Minsk I was looking forward to playing against friends, but I had no luck. Unfortunately I couldn't travel due to my injury. But, I'm sure I will return to Minsk one day'', said Charles Linglet and Mike Glumac added:
"We can't be too soft with teams like Minsk, teams that are talented and can pack a punch. I hope that we win those three points and that we go into the away games ahead of us victoriously.''