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Marcel Rodman from EBEL and DEL to KHL and Medvescak

Transfers 30.05.2014.
Marcel Rodman from EBEL and DEL to KHL and Medvescak
Marcel Rodman is another new name to join Medvescak for the 2014-15 season. The experienced Slovenian national team member plays forward and knows what to do both in center and right wing positions.
''He is of top character and also has the ability with his size and skating ability to play a key defensive minded role for us. He is looking forward to proving he can play at the KHL level'', said Medvescak's director of athletics Aaron Fox.
''We are excited about having a player from our neighbouring country in our stands because of the large number of Slovenian fans we have!''
Marcel Rodman (1981) is very familiar with Medvescak's fans from the time the Bears played in EBEL. The forward from Jesenice, who was the 282nd NHL draft pick for the Boston Bruins in 2001, stopped by the Den from 2009-12 with the Vienna Capitals, and together with younger brother David was a crucial part of their attack. Marcel wore the Caps' jersey for four years, three of those in a row, and scored between 30 to 45 points per season. Aside from Vienna, Marcel has also played for his home team Jesenice, the Graz 99ers (EBEL), for the Beitighiem Steelers (winning the German league B championship), and for the Krefeld Penguins and the Schwenninger Wild Wings (DEL).
He joined the senior Slovenian nation team in 2001, and so far he has played in 13 World Championships, both in the Elite group and Division I, and has 5 gold medals and one silver from the WC Division I. This year he had the honour of playing in the Winter Olympic Games for the first time in Sochi last February.