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Mark Popovic secures win 1.5 seconds before end of overtime

Reports 17.01.2015.
Mark Popovic secures win 1.5 seconds before end of overtime
The Bears continue to rack up points. After keeping a point against Moscow's Dinamo, they grabbed two more on Saturday against Sochi. This season's second faceoff between the Bears and Sochi ended in an overtime score of 3:2, with Mark Popovic scoring the winning goal. 
''Wow, I don't remember if I've ever scored an overtime goal in my career; I know I haven't in the past two years with Medvescak'', said Popovic, who got the puck in Sochi's net one second and a half before overtime was up, and added:
''We've been playing really well since the Spengler Cup; we're playing smart and the goalie's going a great job. If we continue like this, we're going to win a lot more games. Right now you can feel the positive energy and passion in the locker room because we still believe in the playoffs. I hope we make it to them. We tried hard in this game against Sochi and won two points, and I'm happy that we gave the fans a win. They earned it. Now we have two more home games that are extremely important to us, and we have to win them because after them we have eight road games in a row.''
The Bears had a great opportunity for the lead in the 6th minute, but the puck that James Wright sent toward the net didn't make it in. Ten minutes later, while Kurtis McLean was in the box, Andre Petersson put the visitors in the lead. The Bears didn't let intermission come without a tie, and it took them just 46 seconds to retaliate and put 1:1 on the scoreboard thanks to Edwin Hedberg.
''We're in that time of the season when every point counts. Sochi are ten points ahead of us, and we're still trying to grab on to eight place. Getting an extra point in this game was a big deal for our team. I wasn't too happy after the first two periods, but in the final we completely dominated and played better as the game went on. Cal Heeter kept us in the game with his saves and gave us the opportunity to win, and Mark Popovic scored an important goal'', said Medvescak's Coach Doug Shedden.
The second period was also marked by two goals, only this time the Bears took the lead and the guests tied it up. In the 26th minute James Wright scored for 2:1 with assists from Brandon Segal and Kurtis McLean, and they kept their lead until the 35th minute when Cory Emmerton scored a powerplay goal. Since, despite pressure from the Bears, the score remained 2:2, the game went into overtime. The winning goal that earned the Bears two points came from Mark Popovic just one and a half seconds before the end of overtime.