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Marko Sertic is Medvescak U16's Head Coach

News 17.03.2015.
Marko Sertic is Medvescak U16's Head Coach
Medvescak's U16 team is heading to Ljubljana next week to take part in the first edition of the European Rookie Cup on March 26-29. Medvescak U16 will be represented by 20 players and 2 goalies at the tournament, while the role of head coach will be filled by Marko Sertic, Medvescak's coach in junior divisions. 
''We picked players who have potential to become part of the U18 team in the next two or three years. Of course, that doesn't mean that next year there might not be someone else who stands out and that the team will be composed of the same players in the tournament. This will be added motivation for those players who didn't make the cut this season to keep trying even harder'', said Head Coach Marko Sertic. 
Before heading to the tournament, Medvescak's U16 team will have a short preseason consisting of four games which will begin on March 23rd.
''That will be enough for us to prepare because I'm already very familiar with the players through games this season. I'd rather not talk about expectations right now because we're only familiar with Slavija, and we haven't met the others. However, if we give it our all and if we play with heart, I believe that we are capable of getting very good results. Just the possibility alone of taking part in this newly established European Cup is a big deal for Medvescak as well as Croatian hockey and its development. We've finally begun to pick the fruit of all of Medvescak's labour under Damir Gojanovic's presidency and all he's done and continues to do every day for the club and Croatian hockey as a whole'', concluded Sertic. 
In round one of the European Rookie Cup in Ljubljana, Medvescak U16 will test their strength against some tough and fierce opponents – Slovenia's Slavija, Austria's Graz (there in place of VSV), and Hungary's MAC.
Goalkeepers: Domagoj Troha, Sven Rastovski .
Defensemen: Karlo Babic , Ivan Belina, Dominik Matisin, Luka Kramaric, Marin Joja, Dominik Vickovic, Renato Babic.
Forwards: Vedran Mikic, Leo Sutevski, Tomo Trstenjak, Dominic Rene Canic, Sven Paulovic, Matija Stubicar, Tomislav Licina, Josip Vuglac, Borna Crnec, Tino Burazin, David Bublic, Ayden William Letang, Filip Vragolovic.
Coaches: Marko Sertic (Head coach), Veljko Zibret (Assistant coach).
Equipments: Leon Platuzic.