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Martinovic: Only the fans were amazing

Pan Arena Ice Fever 27.12.2013.
Martinovic: Only the fans were amazing
Medvescak lost their first game of the Pan Arena Ice Fever (0:5) to the best and currently first-place team in the league, the current champions: Dynamo from Moscow. 
"We had a couple of good opportunities that we didn't use, being scored on while we were down a player and our discipline worked against us. I think that those were two defining moments in the game. There were moments when we played solidly, but not enough to win against such a good opponent. Dekanich played well, but his entrance didn't have the effect I was hoping for to take us to another level'', commented coach Mark French. 
Moscow started strong and landed a puck behind Brust in the 3rd minute. That didn't stop the Bears, though, as they attacked with an extra player three times in a row, but Dynamo showed why they have the best penalty kill in the league and didn't let them tie the game. On the contrary, just before the third penalty was up, Moscow took a bigger lead (Mosalyov, 12th min.), and then took it to 0:3 during a powerplay in the 18th minute (Ryazanstev). In the final two periods, Dynamo's players scored another two times, Glazachev in minute 35 and Pestushko in minute 56. 
''Regardless of whether we're playing in Arena or Dom Sportova, we're playing in front of our fans, and that's an advantage against our guests. Only the fans were amazing today, things didn't go so well for us. We didn't show our usual game at all; we showed character in the game in Moscow, played really well and almost got a great score, but it wasn't like that here'', stated Sasa Martinovic.