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Martinovic scores first KHL goal, Lev lead series 3-0

Reports 10.03.2014.
Martinovic scores first KHL goal, Lev lead series 3-0
The playoffs are finally in Zagreb! Medvescak hosted Prague's Lev in the third quarterfinal game of the Western conference. 
After the Bears dominated for about the first 10 minutes, Lev started to play more physically, and as a result the majority of the game went down in the neutral zone with swift attempts from both sides.
''I was proud of my boys because they did a great job of getting back in the game after 0:2. The last period makes the difference in this series. In the regular season playing with the special team was our strength, but today we were scored on while down a player and while we had an extra player. You play until 4 wins, and we're still not giving up. Today we had momentum, but great performances from individual players, especially Ullstrom, turned the game in the other direction. None of the players win or lose the game alone, we win and lose as a team, and I can't hold it against anyone. They try really hard, they don't lack any work ethic'', said coach Mark French. 
The high tempo and quick puck exchanges carried on into the third period. The game's first goal came from Lev in the 33rd minute during a penalty kill with a shot from Thronberg. Three minutes later, while the puck was still up in the air, Repik increased Lev's lead. Not even a minute later, Vehanen was finally conquered, as Kane reacted quickly and sent Svarny's shot into the net. The Bears made a full return to the game in the 39th minute when Martinovic was given a penalty shot and made it 2:2.
Despite the tie near the end of the second period, Lev's players scored another three goals in the final (Ullstrom, Thornberg, Vrana), and confirmed their third quarterfinal series win.