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Medvescak and ZIG ZAG Fan shop are awarding ticket buyers

News 04.09.2015.
Medvescak and ZIG ZAG Fan shop are awarding ticket buyers

From Friday, 4th of September 2015 at noon tickets for the 2nd streak of home games, which will be played between the 14th and the 21st  are entering regular sale.

Tickets can be bought on all Ticketshop sales spots and over the internet on www.ticketshop.hr . As always, tickets can also be bought at the Ice hall of Dom sportova box office which will be open a few hours before each game.

Aside from individual tickets and the TAKE 3 and TAKE 4 packs, another pack, the TAKE 2 is on offer and Medveščak and the ZIG ZAG fan shop are awarding gifts if you buy it over the internet.

All those who buy the TAKE 2 pack (games included are on the 14th and the 21st) at the price of 60,00 kuna will be awarded with a precious gift by the Bears and their Fan shop. To receive the gift you have to go to the Fan shop in the Ice hall of Dom sportova with your personal ID card and the purchased tickets during the game.

On the 14th the Bears are playing host to Slovan Bratislava and on the 21st to Spartak Moscow. Both games start at 7:30 PM.

See you in the Ice hall!