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Medvescak celebrate 1st 'Birthday' in the mighty KHL

News 29.04.2014.
Medvescak celebrate 1st 'Birthday' in the mighty KHL
Today, on April 29th 2014, exactly a year ago, the news was announced that ''KHL Medvescak Zagreb has become the 28th member of the Kontinental Hockey League''.
Many had doubts, but Medvescak's efforts paid off. The club's president Damir Gojanvic and his team working on the 'Medvescak in the KHL' project proved once again that dreams can come true, you just have to believe in them and follow a clear vision. President Damir Gojanovic never had trouble believing in impossible dreams coming true. That's why we are now all - Medvescak, the fans, partners, sponsors... - here where we are, in the greatest hockey league on the Eurasian region!
''There was a lot of uncertainty in the club in those days There was always a concern that they could reject us. I have to admit that it all seemed like a dream until that moment it all started to happen. But, when we get the first announcement and then the official confirmation from the KHL, joy and happiness took over'', recalled Gojanovic of the unforgettable 29.04.2013, adding:
''The KHL was a big challenge, but I believed in my vision and my team that worked almost two years on this project and I believed that we would do a good job, that we would put together a solid team. Although I must say that the success and results we achieved in our premiere season was something we didn't expect. We thought we would be good competitors, but I never imagined we would make it into the playoffs several rounds ahead.''
Some doubted that the Bears would play in the KHL, others, once the club was accepted, predicted a fiasco. But the Bears surprised everyone with their game, their victories, records, stats, and by making it into the KHL playoffs a few rounds before the end of the regular KHL season. 
''We're happy that we became one of the more serious KHL teams right from the first season, and that they respect us more because of that in the league'', said Gojanovic, adding:
''To all of our fans, partners, friends, and all those in and around the club, i would like to wish you our first KHL Birthday, and I look forward for more to come. I hope that everyone can enjoy themselves in our seasons and all out future KHL Birthdays!''
You can read all about the Bears' accomplishments in the regular part of their first KHL season here: KHL debut marked by records, great stats, and the playoffs.