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Medvescak loses in first prep game

Reports 08.08.2014.
Medvescak loses in first prep game
Medvescak's players had their first prep game ahead of the 2014-15 KHL season. They tested their strength against Slavia in Prague's ZS Eden arena, but the 5:0 victory (2:0, 3:0, 0:0) went to the home team.
The Bears started the game with Barry Brust on net, and then switched to Mark Dekanich in the 33rd minute, while Andrew Murray took on the role of team captain. The first goal in Eden came in the 7th minute. Shooter David Stich gave the lead to Slavia, who already played two prep games unlike the Bears who were trying out the ice together for the first time. Nine minutes after the first goal came another from Tomas Vlasak. The Bears had three powerplays in the first period, and Slavia had two. 
The home team kept dominating in the second period, and laid on another three goals by the 34th minute (Tomas Vlasak, Jiriho Dolezal, Elvis Biezais) and confirmed the win. Throughout the second period Medvescak had three penalties, Slavia one, while in the final period the Bears had two powerplays and the home team had none. 
Medvescak have their second prep game on Sunday at 6:00PM in Karlovy Vary against the their team of the same name.
KHL MEDVESCAK: Brust, Dekanich, Pelletier, Krog, Haydar, Morrison, Carle, Hedden, Anderson, Trotter, Popovic, Hutchinson, Glumac, Murray, Perkovich, Katic, Flood, Bjorkstrand, Rodman, Kostovic, Martinovic, Belle.