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Medvescak's Glumac-Sakic tandem reads to Ivo Andric Primary School

News 30.03.2015.
Medvescak's Glumac-Sakic tandem reads to Ivo Andric Primary School
The Bears are free of their obligations to the club and are fully focused on the national team's responsibilities, but between practices they are continuing to bring smiles to children by taking them to the lands of fairy tales as they did throughout the season. Medvescak's narrator Mike Glumac visited Ivo Andric Primary School in March as part of UNICEF's 'Read to Me!' campaign, and brought young player Marko Sakic along with him again. Glumac read 'The Slipper Cat', and Sakic 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears' to the kids.
''It's nothing new for the kids to be correcting me while I' reading, but that doesn't bother me. What's important is that they have fun while developing a love for reading. And moreover, it's fun for me. I've read that story so many times this year that I almost know it by heart'', joked Glumac, while Sakic added:
''Unfortunately I read a little bit less than Mike this year because of obligations, but I think that we did a big thing this year and I hope that we helped UNICEF's 'Read to Me!' campaign and sent the message to kids about the importance of reading. If just one kid starts reading regularly after this, we've moved a mountain.''
Medvescak actively joined the UNICEF campaign this year and Mike Glumac had some help from Marko Sakic, Mate Tomljenovic, and Dario Kostovic here and there reading fairy tales you preschool and primary school kids. Throughout the season the Bears have read fairy tales to kids at the Nazorov foster home, the Bogdan Ogrizovic library, the pediatrics department of the Karlovac General Hospital, the Karlovac city library, and now at the Ivo Andric primary school.