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Medvescak's team serves Croatian national hockey

News 16.03.2015.
Medvescak's team serves Croatian national hockey
The president of the Croatian Ice Hockey Association Nikola Svigir and the president of KHL Medvescak Zagreb Damir Gojanovic signed an agreement today on working together by having Medvescak lends its club resources to the Association with the aim to support the successful operation of national hockey endeavours. Medvescak will be handling organizational tasks, public and media communications, and sponsorship and marketing communications for all national Croatian ice hockey operations ahead of and during the IIHF World Championship senior, junior, and female divisions.
''Throughout the years Medvescak has developed a very high quality and professional organizational structure which we believe could lend substantial support to all of our national endeavours at coming international competitions. We are happy that our colleagues at Medvescak have accepted our invitation to work together, and I believe that this will be a quality experience for them as well. We in the Association will now have the time and ability to work on the development of ice hockey projects'', Nikola Svigir, President of the Croatian National Ice Hockey Association, announced the partnership. 
''For years we’ve been working systematically, in parallel to running the club, on improving national representations through strengthening players and coaching staff and by connecting the club’s partners and sponsors with the Association and the national team. I’m happy that we, the club and the Association, have once again found in each other quality partners with a shared goal. Our hope is Medvescak’s well developed and organized teams, which are headed by top professionals in all aspects, will help national team players in their athletic performance at future international competitions. I believe that our work teams will improve professionally through this partnership and enrich their work experience'', said Damir Gojanovic, President of KHL Medvescak Zagreb, about the newly established partnership agreement.
Members of Medvescak’s team will perform their tasks related to the performance of Croatia’s national hockey representations in future international competitions on a voluntary basis without financial compensation. 
''This partnership is organized as a part of Medvescak's socially responsible project 'Bear service – a good thing' which has the club's coworkers and members 'gift' a part of their time, knowledge, and talents to those outside of the club’s projects, events, and organizations. We at Medvescak hope that our arrangement will help elevate Croatian national hockey teams to a higher level and help players and coaching staff achieve more success in their performance and ranking in forthcoming competitions'', said Ranko Vucinic, Medvesak's director of communications and advisor to the club's president on socially conscious functions, about coming to an agreement on working together.