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Medvescak's win streak halted in Piter

Reports 01.02.2015.
Medvescak's win streak halted in Piter
One of the league's most expensive teams stopped the Bears in St. Petersburg from getting their fourth consecutive win. This season's fourth game between SKA and Medvescak once again ended with three points going to the team from Piter (5:2).
''We knew that we were going to have a tough game here since SKA lost three in a row right before it and we were going up against a 'hungry' team. And that's exactly what was waiting for us. I'm proud of our team because it didn't give up when we were down 3:0, and managed to get it up to 3:2. But, SKA is a top notch team with very skilled players who will take advantage of the slightest chances'', commented Medvescak's Caoch Doug Shedden.
The game inside the Ice Palace opened with a two-minute penalty for Medvescak's Captain Andrew Murray and a power play goal from SKA's Evgenii Dadonov. SKA was already in the lead by the 4th minute, and Martin St. Pierre and Pascal Pelletier almost tied the game in the 10th minute. St. Pierre took a slap shot at the net, and the puck bounced off Pelletier's leg into Igor Shestyorkin's net. However, after reviewing the play the refs didn't accept the goal. Shortly after that came two quick goals from the home team. Jimmie Ericsson made it 2:0 in the 14th, followed a minute later by Maksim Chudinov for 3:0.
''I don’t think we played the first period that badly, but SKA capitalized on their chances. In the rest of the game we showed character when we scored those two goals and it’s too bad we didn’t manage to tie the game. This was an intense and challenging game because both teams wanted to win, SKA lost several in a row, and we’re still fighting for the playoffs'', said forward Brandon Segal.
Despite being behind three points, the Bears kept fighting and in the second period – during which the shots on goal ratio was (13:7) – they started to catch up. In the 31st minute Brandon Segal took advantage of crowding in the home team’s crease, and then Bill Thomas got the puck past Shestyorkin just two minutes into the final period. The Bears tried to tie the game in the remainder of the period, but in the 54th minute Dadonov made it 4:2, and then Artemiy Panarin set the final 5:2 in the 58th minute.