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Medvescak turn things around for the win

Reports 29.10.2014.
Medvescak turn things around for the win
In their second game in 24 hours, Medvescak hosted Metallurg from Novokuznetsk and won their second game in a row, thanks to defenseman Mark Katic. 
''I was practicing penalty shots just the other day, and here we got the chance to do them in this game so I tried with the move that I planned out before. I always like to work on some new moves during practices and then try them out'', commented Katic.
The game started out as a contest of strength, and neither team managed to hold on to the puck long enough to put together an attack. In the second period the Bears turned their game up a notch, and while some quick passes saw opportunities opening up, Hamikov was there to stop them every time. Despite several opportunities in front of the guests' net, Metallurg was the team to take the first lead with a shot made by Senturin in the 29th minute. 
''I was disappointed with how we started out the game. We played the first period really poorly, but as the game went on we started coming up, until in the end we played a great final period. At the end I told Katic that we have to be hungry to win and for him to score'', said Medvescak's Coach Doug Shedden. 
In the final period the Bears pressed the guests hard, then pulled their goalie near the end and used their extra player to tie the game right away. Matt Anderson made the shot with assists from Segal and Palushaj. 
Since neither team scored in overtime, the game went into a shootout, and Mark Katic earned the Bears their second point and the win. However, Medvescak's defenseman's shot wasn't immediately accepted, and was approved after watching the replay.