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Memories frozen in a time vault

News 08.09.2014.
Memories frozen in a time vault
In one hundred years, somewhere around the year 2114, people in the future will be able to travel back in time through a time vault to our present, and connect in a magnificent way with memories that have significant meaning for people of our time. Amongst many 'frozen memories' in the time vault will be those of Medvescak. Croatia's most decorated hockey club has 'frozen' three pucks in the safe. But, not just any pucks. These are pucks that symbolize Medvescak's budding era in 2009. The first symbol is for EBEL, the second is for the spectacular Arena Ice Fever in Pula, and the third is for the mighty Kontinental Hockey League. 
Along with the three pucks comes a written letter from the club's president, Mr. Damir Gojanovic, which reads:
Zagreb, August 15th, 2014.
Everything that we have experienced with Medvescak over the past five years is hard to explain to someone who hasn't gone through the biggest achievements if our club's history together with us. What will happen with Medvescak and Croatian hockey over the next hundred years is impossible to predict, but the story that we have written, the effort we've invested, the success that we've achieved, and the number of people whose lives we've made happier between 2009 and today will never lose their significance. These three pucks are memories of three of the most meaningful games in the club’s history: the puck used in Medvescak’s first home game in the regional EBEL league on Sep. 9th 2009 in Zagreb, the puck used on Sep. 14th 2012 during the Arena Ice Fever game in Pula’s Roman Amphitheatre, and the puck with which Jonathan Cheechoo scored Medvescak’s first goal in the Kontinental Hockey League on Sep. 6th 2013. Thanks to the time vault, we hope that this sports story will never be forgotten.
Damir Gojanovic, President of KHL Medvescak Zagreb''