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Mike Glumac and Marko Sakic read fairy tales

News 15.12.2014.
Mike Glumac and Marko Sakic read fairy tales
Children are precious gems that require our utmost care and affection. And not just in the first three years of their lives, as many say is the most important time. Child development must be worked on beyond those three years for them to go become well-rounded, confident, and educated individuals. With that goal in mind, and with the desire to foster happy childhoods, the first national campaign for the promotion of reading to children called 'Read to Me!' (Citaj Mi!) has been created, and UNICEF's sports partner KHL Medvescak Zagreb has joined its cause. The narrators' roles in the name of the club and all of Medvescak's players have been assigned to forward Mike Glumac and young player Marko Sakic, who are known for more than just their heartfelt game on the ice. This is Glumac's second consecutive season as the sports spokesperson for UNICEF. 
Glumac was born and raised in North America, but his roots are from our neck of the woods, and since coming to Croatia he's decided to learn the language of his ancestors. With the desire to learn the language as quickly as possible, and with the drive to make positive changes in today's society by helping those in need – particularly children – he decided to take part in the 'Read to Me!' initiative. To help with his Croatian language skills and with his 'reading tour', he's called on his young fellow teammate Marko Sakic, who has been achieving phenomenal results this season with the juniors in EBYSL. This season Glumac has, sometimes on his own and sometimes with Marko's help, is visiting a variety of locations across Croatia where children gather or live to read them fairy tales and bedtime stories to encourage kids to read, and at the same time to show gratitude for the support that kids and their parents have extended to Medvescak this season. 
Glumac premiered as Medvescak's narrator in a foster home in Nazorova (Zagreb), and the next scheduled reading will be this Friday, December 19th at 6:30PM in Zagreb's Bogdan Ogrizovic library located at Preradovicevoj 5. All children who would love to hear 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears' and 'Puss in Boots' read by Medvescak's Glumac-Sakic reading tandem are invited to the Bogdan Ogrizovic library, and entry is free.
The 'Read to Me!' campaign was created in April 2013 as part of the European year of reading out loud under the Ministry of Social Politics and Youth. The campaign's goal is to encourage parents, and other adults, to begin reading out loud to children from the time they are born in hope of it becoming a regular way for parents and children to interact, to improve communication between kids and adults later in life, and to help children at school. An equally important goal of this campaign is to encourage parents to bring their little ones to their local libraries from a young age. 
Children are like sponges. They absorb everything they hear. So let's give them our voice to follow for a better tomorrow!