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Mistakes decided the game

Reports 09.11.2016.
Mistakes decided the game

For the most part an equal game was played in Ugra Arena and Medvescak players showed flashes of their game only in a part of the final period. First period ended with one goal each and second one was scoreless. Ugra got an early lead in the third and by the end of the game they once more found a way around Drew MacIntyre who stopped 32 pucks tonight and was the Bears best player.

“I really didn't like the start of my hockey team. We weren't sharp mentally in the first period, we made some mistakes, some coverage mistakes. It’s disappointing for our team because we needed a good start, it was important to us, but unfortunately we didn’t get that and Ugra got the first goal that proved to be a big goal in this hockey game,” Medvescak’s Head Coach Gordie Dwyer commented and continued to analyze the game:

“Our puck management could have been better and throughout the game we had some guys who were on their game, and then we had some guys who weren’t. There was a defensive breakdown on the first goal. It was tight game heading into the third period and we gave up a good hockey goal and then a turnover on the blue line lead to a breakaway. That was not the third period we wanted.

It was an important game for us, unfortunately we weren’t able to come up with any points. When times are a little bit tough you need guys to dig in a little bit harder and find a way to get the job done. Unfortunately weren’t able to do that tonight.”

A tight match up started with an easier tempo that picked up as the game went on. Host’s PK team did a great job of killing Bears attempts on a 4 minute PP, and soon after they got their first goal when Sokolov was left alone in the slot. In the final minute of the first period, in a almost the same situation, the Bears tied the game.

Second period is best described as a festival of mistakes with abundant shots (16:15), but Ugra’s players were much more precise in finding the goal (10:4).

The very finish started with a rebound goal for Ugra and after that the Bears stared to play. Unfortunately, one mistake at the blue line led to a breakaway and a third puck in their net.

“MacIntyre played a hell of a game again, he’s been keeping us in there, making some great saves. He stood in goal for us again and gave us a chance,” a lone scorer for the Bears, Lucas Lessio concluded.

Video source: www.khl.ru

The Bears have one more game before returning to home ice. On Friday, 11 November at 3 PM CET they will face Avtomobilist.


KHL, Ugra Arena, Hanty-Mansiysk


14:10 1-0 Sokolov (Kuryanov)

18:46 1-1 Lessio (Bezina) PP1

41:18 2-1 Khlistov D. (Lyuduchin)

53:19 3-1 Akmaldinov (Sokolov)

SHOTS ON GOAL: 35 - 28

PENALTIES: 16 min – 30 min

HK JUGRA HANTY-MANSIYSK: Sharichenkov, Fokin, Khlistov D., Lyuduchin, Lapenkov, Valentenko, Zheldakov, Panov, Korolyov, Medvedev, Kilik, Khlistov N., Sokolov, Kuryanov, Akmaldinov, Ugolnikov, Ibragymov, Bulyansky, Mayorov, Ankudinov, Shulakov, Orlov

KHL MEDVESCAK ZAGREB: MacIntyre, Garnett, Genoway, Mertl, Katic, Parlett, Morrisonn, Lessio, Butler, McMillan, Krejcik, Bezina, Giroux, Bolduc, Pare, Larkin, Smith, Glumac, Arkalov, Sauve

Photo: HC Ugra Hanty-Mansiysk