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Morrisonn: We need to regroup and get ready for the next game

Reports 21.09.2016.
Morrisonn: We need to regroup and get ready for the next game

In another mostly precarious game, that thanks to the goalies on both sides could've gone either way, the hosts held on through Bears pressure and secured a win at the very end. After a scoreless first period, Traktor got on the board in the end is second, and in the final 1:20 minutes of the game tripled the result.

„Taylor was excellent, we allowed too many chances and didn't take advantage of ours. It's hard to win hockey games without scoring. We're dissapointed, but we have to regroup and get ready for the next one,“ D-man Shaone Morrisonn, returnee to the line-up said after the game.

After Jakub Krejcik returned for the previous game, and Morrisonn for this one, Bears D is not spread as thinly as it used to be. “First period was tough, just trying to get the timing back. But, in the end it felt all right. It's nice to be back with the guys and playing, but hopefully I'll feel better after the next game,” Morrisonn said alluding on regulation loss.

It was an open affair with the puck going back and forth and just enough physical play, up until five minute left in the second period. Following a bully in Medvescak's zone, due to a miscommunication the puck, instead of being cleared out of the zone, ended up on the stick of Dmitry Pestunov who had little problem solving Danny Taylor.

The Bears made up in the final ten minutes for a bit of an uninspired entry into the final period. Scoring chances were a plenty, but none resulted in a goal. Without Taylor in goal for an extra skater, Paul Szczechura sent the first puck Traktor won directly in the net, and with 30 seconds to go Alexandr Barkov did the same.

“It was a hard fought, competitive game on a high level. It was basically a one goal game up until the very end. Both goalies, who I thought were great, had a lot do to with that. We couldn't find contribution, we couldn't score; and it's very hard to win games when you don't score. Producing is something we'll have to work on,” concluded Dwyer.

Video source: www.khl.ru

The Bears are slowely but surely coming to the end of the longest road trip of the season. The day after tomorrow, on Friday, 23 September, they will play the penultimate game against the reigning champs, Metallurg Magnitogorsk. Puck drops at 4 PM CEST.


KHL, Traktor Arena, Chelyabinsk


35:13 1-0 Pestunov (Yakucenya)

58:40 2-0 Szczechura (Penkovsky) EN

59:30 3-0 Pankov


PENALTIES: 6 min – 26 min

HC TRAKTOR CHELYABINSK: Demchenko, Francouz, Koltsov, Belov, Mirnov, Pestunov, Yakuncenya, Borodkin, Denisov, Kruchinin, Szczechura, Sevankayev, Shinin, Zhuldikov, Chernikov, Y. Petrov, Pankov, Klimontov, A. Petrov, Penkovsky, Sharov, Sholokhov

KHL MEDVESCAK ZAGREB: Taylor, Hovinen, Morrisonn, Parlett, McMillan, Mertl, Genoway, Bezina, Larkin, Katic, Brule, Butler, Krejcik, Perkovich, Giroux, Bolduc, Mahbod, Smejkal, Arkalov, Glumac

Photo: HC Traktor Chelyabinsk