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MovemBear in Zagreb Bears' Den

News 02.11.2016.
MovemBear in Zagreb Bears' Den

One of the most entertaining and manly month, with one of the most important messages, returns to the Den. The Bears, who remind us through word and action that caring for one’s health lasts 365 days a year, will put down their razors and together with club’s partner BIPA join the global movement of Movember.

The idea to face something you have no control over is both frightening and unpleasant, and it too often results with ignoring. But to face a problem right in the eye is a sign of true courage and to react in this case means to save a life. Raising awareness about men’s health and supporting everyone afflicted, is again the goal of this years’ Movember in the Den.

BIPA and the Bears have prepared a bundle of activities and surprises to encourage Medvescak fans to join this humanitarian action and start caring for their health.

First of all, there are specially designed T-shirt, for both men and women, with Medvescak marks, and a percentage of sales will be donated to the Croatian League Against Cancer.

For the shirts to shine in the stands, BIPA will reward every purchase above 100 kuna with a gift box containing beauty products and 2 tickets for the upcoming Medvescak home games.

In showing support and welcoming mustaches, all men with a mustache who shop at BIPA will be awarded 30% off certain products.

Follow all news, latest activities as well as events involving Movember on social media using #bipamovembear and #MovemBear.