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Murray: It's an honour to take on after Alan Letang

News 02.09.2014.
Murray: It's an honour to take on after Alan Letang
For the past five seasons the captain’s 'C' was proudly worn on Alan Letang’s chest. Since Medvescak’s 28 has retired this season and taken on the position of assistant coach of Medvescak’s KHL team, the team has passed on the role of team captain to forward Andrew Murray, who joined the Bears last season.
''It’s an honour for me to take Alan Letang’s place. He was the team’s captain since EBEL, which says a lot about him and how he took that responsibility. Last season I was his assistant, I watched him, learned, and took it all in. This is going to be a big challenge for me and I’m looking forward to it'', said Murray.
However, for this Canadian, who spent time in the NHL with the Columbus Blue Jackets, San Jose Sharks, and the St. Louis Blues, this isn’t the first time he’s going to don the captain’s 'C'.
''I was the team captain in university and on junior teams, so I’m already very familiar with the captain’s duties. But, of course, every club and team are different, and so is the league. Our team is made up of a lot of experienced players who have leadership qualities and is ready to go, which will make my job a bit easier.''
When asked if he would be a strict captain, he said:
''There’s a time and place for everything. The last season went by really well, things went smoothly, and I think things will be like that again this season.''
Along with Murray, alternative captains will be Mark Popovic and Darren Haydar.