Reports 15.02.2017

Festival of goals to end the season

In a back-to-back Slovan takes another win (7:5)

Reports 02.02.2017

Truculence wasn't enough

Loko stormed through the Ice hall (4:7)

Reports 31.01.2017

Dynamo too strong for the Bears

Medvescak was defeated upon returning to home ice (3:6)

Reports 28.01.2017

Chinese successfully enter the Year of the Rooster

The Bears were defeated in their first visit to Beijing (5:0)

Reports 26.01.2017

Tigers prevail on the other side of the world

For the first time the Bears leave Khabarovsk pointless (4:2)

Reports 24.01.2017

Second win goes Admiral's way too

The Bears played in Vladivostok and lost to Admiral for the second time this season (4:1)

Reports 19.01.2017

First win on Severstal's ice

Garnett earned a second shutout and three Bears scored in a win in Cherepovets (0:3)

Reports 17.01.2017

A win before the road

The Bears defeat the Mammoths (4:1)

Reports 13.01.2017

The Bears could not stop Avtomobilist

Avto drove off with three points (0:2)

Reports 11.01.2017

Thriller ending turns in favour of the guests

Barys Astana took all three points from the Ice hall (4:5)

Reports 09.01.2017

Back to the winning ways

Against Severstal, the Bears won their fifth of the last six games played (2:1)

Reports 06.01.2017

Admiral overpower the Bears

Vladivostok team take their second win in the Ice hall (1:4)

Reports 05.01.2017

With a big uhveavel to a new win

Amur left the Ice hall with three pucks in their net (3:1)

Reports 03.01.2017

Pare and MacIntyre bring first win of the year

In a precarious game the Bears overcame Red Star Kunlun (1:0)

Reports 23.12.2016

A win under the Christmas tree

In a shootout the Bears win over Ufa for the first time on home ice (3:2)

Reports 21.12.2016

Champs fall with a full net in the Den

With six goals the Bears win over Magnitogorsk for the third time on home ice (6:3)

Reports 19.12.2016

Traktor prevail in a tough finish

With three goals in the final period, Chelyabinsk team takes three points (2:3)

Reports 11.12.2016

Dinamo wins in Minsk

Special teams had half the goals in Minsk Arena (6:2)

Reports 08.12.2016

Bears' persuasive win

Four goals and 34 saves brought the Bears new three points on the road (0:4)

Reports 06.12.2016

A big point from Helsinki

Bears took a point, and Jokerit two with a goal in overtime (4:3)

Reports 01.12.2016

First period decided the game

With three goals in the first and one in the final period Avangrad took the win (1:4)

Reports 30.11.2016

Bears a goal too short

Metallurg Novokuznetsk wins in Zagreb for the first time (2:3)

Reports 28.11.2016

Sibir's first win in the Ice Hall

With a goal in the first period and one in the empty net, Sibir take the win (0:2)

Reports 26.11.2016

Historic win in Sochi

Butler's goal and MacIntyre's 39 saves secure Bears' first win in Bolshoy Ice Palace

Reports 24.11.2016

Glumac and MacIntyre secure a road win

With a lone goal the Bears celebrate in Luzhniki Arena (0:1)

Reports 22.11.2016

Pointless in Nizhny Novgorod

Torpedo had a big win against Medvescak (5:0)

Reports 17.11.2016

Jokerit again too strong for the Bears in the Ice Hall

Bears winning streak on home ice ends, Finns take the win (2:5)

Reports 15.11.2016

An important win against Minsk

The Bears prolonged their winning streak on home ice and took 3 points from Dinamo Minsk (4:1)

Reports 11.11.2016

Bears remain pointless in Ekaterinburg

Avtomobilist took three points in Uralets Arena (3:2)

Reports 09.11.2016

Mistakes decided the game

Ugra were victorious in their home arena, and the Bears continue to seek an away win in Ekaterinburg

Reports 07.11.2016

Karlsson and special teams edge Bears

With two power play goals Barys keeps the points in Astana (2:0)

Reports 31.10.2016

Despite a strong finish, Bears left pointless

With a strong two periods, Severstal gets a big win (7:3)

Reports 27.10.2016

St. Petersburg still unconquerable

With a big win SKA leave three points in Piter (6:0)

Reports 25.10.2016

Dwyer: I'm proud of my boys

With quick two goalsCSKA took the win in Moscow (3:1)

Reports 23.10.2016

Exceptional game for a winning streak

The Bears took all nine points from a three games homestand. Lada lost 3:2

Reports 19.10.2016

Victory in jubilee game

In their 200th KHL game the Bears escorted Neftekhimik with four goals (4:1)

Reports 17.10.2016

Bears stop Ak Bars' winning streak

First team of the Eastern conference fell in the Ice Hall (2:1)

Reports 14.10.2016

In an exciting finish home team takes the points

Lokomotiv kept all three points in Yaroslavl (2:1)

Reports 12.10.2016

Points stay in Podolsk

Hosts of Vityaz Ice Palace made a comeback to earn three points (3:2)

Reports 10.10.2016

Arkalov: Nothing would go in

In Moscow VTB Ice Palace Dynamo took three points in a game with Medvescak (5:1)

Reports 08.10.2016

Bears' rhapsody with Mertl's hat-trick

With seven pucks in their net, the Bears sent Severstal off (7:3)

Reports 04.10.2016

Giroux: We battled until the end

CSKA won for the second in the Ice Hall (2:5)

Reports 02.10.2016

Bezina: We all battled for this win

The mighty SKA were defeated in overtime in the Ice Hall (5:4)

Reports 30.09.2016

Taylor: This was our best game so far

The Bears put six pucks in Slovan's net and kept their empty for the second win in a row

Reports 25.09.2016

A win to end the away games string

Once again the Bears were victorious in Ufa Arena (4:5)

Reports 23.09.2016

McMillan: We have to keep working at it

At an away game in Magnitogorsk, the hosts took all three points (6:1)

Reports 21.09.2016

Morrisonn: We need to regroup and get ready for the next game

All three points remain in Traktor Arena (3:0)

Reports 17.09.2016

Dwyer: This is a big point

After the shootout Slovan took the win 3:2

Reports 13.09.2016

Avangard takes the win in Omsk

The Bears were defeated in Omsk Arena (4:1)

Reports 11.09.2016

Brule: It was a team win

Bears snap losing streak with a win in Novokuznetsk (3:5)

Reports 09.09.2016

Three points remain with Sibir

HC Sibir won on home ice against the Bears 3:0

Reports 06.09.2016

A point to start the road trip

In first of the eight away games, the Bears lost in a shootout in Nizhnekamsk (3:2)

Reports 02.09.2016

Bears left pointless despite huge effort

Spartak did it again and took points from Zagreb with a minimal win (0:1)

Reports 31.08.2016

Genoway: We need a bounce back game

In the fourth game of the season, and second on home ice, Medvescak suffered a defeat

Reports 29.08.2016

Undefeated on home ice too, the Bears take the lead in the West

For the third time in a row, the Bears have taken two points on home ice against Sochi. In overtime,

Reports 26.08.2016

Bears made history

For the first time in history, Medvescak leaves Kazan with a win (1:3)

Reports 23.08.2016

Bears start the season with a win

In season opener, the Bears were victorious at Lada's rink (2:3)

Reports 18.08.2016

Exhibition ends in a perfect score

Medvescak won against Graz (2:4) in the last preseason game

Reports 16.08.2016

The Bears remain undefeated after a thriller ending

With a goal by Mahbod Medvescak won against Slovan in the shootout

Reports 14.08.2016

Special teams win the game

In the second game in Cardiff, Medvescak took the fourth win in four pre season games (1:4)

Reports 13.08.2016

Big win with another shutout

In the first of two games in the UK, Medvescak won with a high 0:6

Reports 06.08.2016

Katic decided the game

Medvescak registred a second win by defeating Litvinov (0:1)

Reports 02.08.2016

Captain for the win

In the first preseason game, Medvescak beat Avangard (0:1)
Bobrov Division 2016/2017
no. Club GP W L pts
1 SKA 60 39 8 137
2 Dinamo Mn 60 27 19 105
3 Jokerit 60 23 19 93
4 Slovan 60 22 26 85
5 Medvescak 60 19 33 69
6 Spartak 60 18 33 66
7 Dinamo R 60 11 34 58