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Official club statement after the Medveščak - Barys game

Following the media inquiries and articles, as well as the footage from last game circling around the internet, we bring You the official statement of Ranko Vucinic, Medvescak's director of communications, which is the official statement of the club as well:

We believe that that the decisions made by the referees as well as the penalty for the Barys player, whose unsportsmanlike conduct of intentional attacks and physical encounters with players marked the game, speak for themselves. 
Occasional fights are part of 'hockey tradition', they happen from time to time, but not in this way that was clearly visible on television footage from last night.

None of us here in Medvescak, nor head coach Dwyer personally will comment on the subjective television footage of the Medveščaks head coach because it does not show who the coach is talking, nor does it show the away team’s bench. We are sorry if coach Dwyer offended anyone in defending his players...

KHL rules are the same for everyone. We cannot comment the decisions and actions made by the Barys head coach not to attend press conference last night. Head Coach Dwyer always followed KHL rules and attended every press conference and regularly fulfilled his obligations as a head coach listed in the rulebook, no matter the score of the game or the events during the game.

The club salutes the way head coach Dwyer leads the team and we appreciate the bravado of our Head Coach and all the Medvescak players."

Ranko Vucinic, Director of Communications