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Olimpija defeated & Jankovic hat-trick

EBYSL news 06.09.2014.
Olimpija defeated & Jankovic hat-trick
Medvescak's U20 is piling up the victories in the Erste Bank Young Stars League. They defeated Olimpija 4:3 in overtime. 
The game was undecided until the final minutes. The Bears took the lead in the 6th minute thanks to Ivan Jankovic, but two minutes later Olimpija's Luka Ilic tied it at 1:1. A fired up Jankovic scored again in the 17th minute and but Medvescak's U20 back in the lead.
Even though the Bears consistently took more shots on goal (15:9, 15:4, 14:7), the guests scored another two goals before the 29th minute (Hadzic, Snoj) and took over the lead. However, their lead didn't last long because in the 31st minute Jankovic was on point for the third time. This was the Zagreb native's first hat-trick of the season. 
The 3:3 score didn't change in the final period, and the game went into overtime. The winning goal came from Bruno Kegalj in the 64th minute.
Medvescak's next game is on Sunday at 5:30PM in Vienna against the Vienna Capitals.