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Owuya outwits Ticar, Pelletier does same to Backlund

Reports 12.11.2014.
Owuya outwits Ticar, Pelletier does same to Backlund
The Bears have defeated Slovan for the third time this season. The game in Bratislava ended in 1:2 after a shootout, and the winning shot came from Pascal Pelletier. 
Four days without a game sat well for the Bears. They were fresh and rested and used that to their advantage, scoring a powerplay goal in the 6th minute. That was the Bears' first powerplay, and just 12 seconds before Tomas Netik was to get back on the ice, Pascal Pelletier smashed a rebound puck directly behind goalie Johan Backlund. 
''Slovan pressed us pretty hard in the final period, and their goalie did a great job. But despite that, we still managed to find a way to win this extra point in the shootout'', declared Pelletier.
In the second period both teams were very active, but the score set in the first period didn't change. As the minutes ticked away in the last period, so grew the tension on the ice, particularly after the 54th minute when Slovan got a penalty shot and Rok Ticar tied the game at 1:1. In the 60th minute the ref gave another penalty shot, but Ticar didn't stand a chance this time against Owuya, who stopped the puck and took the game into overtime. The end came down to a shootout, and Pelletier scored the winning goal, while Owuya blocked each of Slovan's shots.
''You're always happy when you save that many penalty shots. Of course, it would have been best had I stopped the first one in the third period because then we would have an extra point. But, I gave it my best to try and leave Bratislava with two points'', said goalie Owuya.