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Pan and fans breaking records together in Arena Zagreb!

Pan Arena Ice Fever 26.12.2013.
Pan and fans breaking records together in Arena Zagreb!
This year's Pan Arena Ice Fever, which begins this Friday, Dec. 27th, with a game against two-time champions Dinamo from Moscow, will be particularly challenging for Medvescak's fans. The Bears' Pan Arena Ice Fever games are against their direct competition for the playoffs, and Pan and the fans will have to help them on the road to victory by breaking some symbolic and fun records.
At the game against Vityaz (Dec. 29th), all visitors will try and break the record for the longest fan wave duration. The current record for the longest wave duration is 6 minutes and 54 seconds! But that's not the only record that visitors will break on Sunday. The back and forth 'Zig-Zag Medvescak' chant from across the Dom Sportova is already well know. On Sunday's game, we want to find out what it would sound like if all of the many females in the audience took things into their own hands and cheered by themselves. With the help of the fans, we are going to try and set the record for the biggest all-female chant of 'Zig-Zag Medvescak' between two sides of Arena. 
The holiday spirit and New Year's wishes are an important part of Medvescak's story in Arena this year. At the first two games, fans will find our Christmas wish tree, and will be able to write what it is that they are most looking forward to, excited about, and desiring for 2014 on the tree's ornaments. In this way the fans will set another record, most New Year's wishes.
At the game against Atlant from Mytishchi (Jan. 23, 2014), we are going to set the record for the highest number of fan scarves in Arena Zagreb. So, bring along any, not necessarily a Medvescak, fan scarf and help us create an unforgettable atmosphere and break this record. 
On the Jan. 25th game against Lokomotiv, with the help of loyal sponsor Pan beer, we are breaking this season's loudest record! Fans will break the record for the loudest cheering with their thunderous chants. The current record for loudest stadium cheer was set on Nev. 15th 2013 at 126 decibels. 
In Medvescak's final home game of the preliminary part of the KHL season, on Jan. 27th 2014 in Arena, Medvescak will test their strength against Severstal, which will give every fan the opportunity to wear a jersey or shirt with Medvescak's logo and break the record for the most articles of clothing with Medvescak's logo worn at a game.