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Pelletier: Third period momentum was Avtomobilist's

Reports 06.09.2014.
Pelletier: Third period momentum was Avtomobilist's
Medvescak played a tight game against Avtomobilist in Yekaterinburg, but the win (3:2) went to the home team.
After just three minutes and forty-one seconds the Bears took the lead as Anthony Stewart took advantage of Aleksei Simakov's penalty. Medvescak's players continued to dominate Avtomobilist's players until the end of the period. 
''We started the game off great. The boys stuck to our plan, but penalties in the second period brought the opponents to life. Their goalie reacted well in key moments'', said Medvescak's coach Chuck Weber. 
The Bears kicked off the second period the same way as the first – by scoring in the 24th minute when Pascal Pelletier found goalie Jakub Kovar's weakness. Three minutes later Avtomobilist had a great opportunity to reduce the point gap when Mark Flood was penalized with a penalty shot for the other team. However, goalie Barry Brust came out the winner in the duel against forward Aleksander Bumagin. The home team started playing more aggressively in the second half of the second period, and then in the 35th minute things changed for them when Matt Anderson and Barry Brust both got two-minute penalties. Jakub Petruzalek turned the 5-on-3 situation into 1:2 on the scoreboard. One minute later came the 2:2 tie (Anton Lazarev).
''The win could have gone either way, but I think we deserved more. We played a lot better than we did against Slovan. In the final period Avtomobilist had momentum on their side and a few powerplays, and then scored a minute before the game was over'', said Pelletier. 
In the final period both teams tried to get the winning goal, but 45 seconds before the ref was to call the game Avtomobilist's Igor Yemeleyev got lucky and scored the final 3:2.
Photo: Avtomobilist Yekaterinburg