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Pointless in Syberia

Reports 29.01.2016.
Pointless in Syberia

The Bears started their last road trip in the East with a game against Sibir in Novosibirsk. In a game that changed constantly and in the end went completely the host’s way, the Bears didn’t achieve what they wanted to and it resulted in the fifth shutout for Alexander Salak and a large defeat for Medvescak.

“First of all, I’d like to congratulate Sibir on the win and the three points. This was a game that changed quickly. In the end, Sibir is a great team and with the support from their fans, their forwards knew how to convert their chances,” Medvescak’s head coach Gordie Dwyer opened the press conference.

The first period showed the best of the Bears skill and consistency tonight, although it started the same as the other two did, with a quick goal for Sibir. A plethora of shots on goal and time spent mostly in Sibir’s end of the ice didn’t result in a tie before the intermission:” This was a big game for both teams and it will be a real challenge in the next 40 minutes. We played this period well and we just need to keep shooting pucks at the net,” said Radek Smolenak after the first period.

“We were ready from the beginning and we entered the game well, despite the early goal. I think we were the better team in the first half of the game and that we had the initiative on the ice. We created chances and we had almost certain opportunities a few times that we didn’t convert,” Bears head coach agreed with Smolenak’s analysis.

But, after another shock in the second period, the period was mostly dominated by stoppages, which were numerous. One penalty after the other, with a physical and sometimes rough game of ice hockey, bordering the penalty limit, with plenty of scruffs during stoppages, resulted in Gasper Kroselj taking to the ice instead of Danny Taylor when Georgy Misharin scored Sibir’s third goal. Only 38 seconds later, the guests moved up to a 4 goal advantage.

“From the halfway point on, the game was tought and physical with a lot of checking. We found ourselves in an ungrateful position and trying to catch up was extremely hard. We changed goalies in order to light a spark, but not even that worked and in the last period we conceded two quick goals,” commented coach Dwyer.

The Bears entered the final period better, with more discipline, but two goals within one minute and eighteen seconds gave Sibir a six goal lead and calmed the game. This was the fourth time the Bears were shutout this season.

The Bears play their next game on Sunday, January 31 in Novokuznetsk, starting at 11:00 CET. In the Metallurg Palace they will be hosted by the last team in the Eastern conference standings, Metallurg Novokuznetsk. The game will be televised by Sport Klub 2.


KHL, Sibir Arena, Novosibirsk


03:26 1-0 Shalunov (Shumakov)

21:50 2-0 Ullstrom (Voroshilo, Vereshchagin)

38:14 3-0 Misharin (Okulov, Fefelov)

38:52 4-0 Vereschchagin (Voroshilo)

44:35 5-0 Sannikov (Shalunov, Shumakov) PP1

45:53 6-0 Jakovlev (Okulov)

SHOTS ON GOAL: 36 - 35

PENALTIES: 12 min – 43 min

HC SIBIR NOVOSIBIRSK: Salak, Bespalov, Shumakov, Misharin, Okulov, Zhafyarov, Alekseyev, Menshikov, Gubin, Kopeykin, Ullstrom, Sannikov, Meszaros, Ignatovich, Fefelov, Vereshchagin, Yakovlev, Belyakov, Shalunov, Voroshilo, Naumov, Butuzov

KHL MEDVESCAK ZAGREB: Tayor, Kroselj, Genoway, Deutsch, Parlett, Giliati, Glumac, Brule, Mäntylä, Hedberg, Jämtin, Bolduc, Bjorkstrand, Gysbers, Jurcina, Smolenak, Perkovich, Morrisonn, Saarinen, Mertl, Katic