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Points remain in Podolsk

Reports 17.02.2015.
Points remain in Podolsk
Medvescak played their final road game of the season in Podolsk, and it was tight and undeterminable all the way until the final period. 
''This was a tough game, we only had fourteen players. The boys tried hard today, they kept the game undetermined as much as possible'', commented Doug Shedden. 
Bill Thomas made a great breakaway in the 9th minute during a penalty kill, but Harri Sateri blocked his shot. Mark Owuya made a great save when Dmitriy Shitikov took a shot in the 13th minute, but Owuya was helpless in the 16th minute when the Knights' Aleksandar Kucharyavenko scored a power play goal for the 1:0 lead. In the first period the Knights took 13 shots on the Bears' net. 
''It wasn't that bad even though we played with so few players, we all played lots of minutes. We're looking forward to going back home and hope for two wins for our fans'', said Mike Glumac.
Edwin Hedberg and Glumac had great opportunities in front of Sateri in the 26th minute, but the Finnish goalie saved both shots. In the 32nd minute the Bears finally managed to score on Vityaz. Thomas was the shooter, and assists came from Hedberg and Geoff Kinrade. 
''Today's games was more draining because there were less of us, and this is a strong league after all. We played as best we could and kept the game tied for a long time'', said Andrew Hutchinson. 
Both teams went into the final period carefully, and in the 47th minute Vityaz took the lead again thanks to Georgi Berdjukov. Two minutes before the game was up Shitikov almost confirmed the winners when a path opened up for him toward Zagreb's net, but Mark Popovic got involved in the last moment and the ref gave out a penalty shot which Owuya blocked. Coach Shedden then immediately pulled the goalie, but the result was the opposite of what the Bears wanted – the Knights managed to win the puck, and Kucheryavenko scored on an empty net for his second goal of the night and the final score.