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Popovic: We were a whole different team in Yaroslavl than now

Pan Arena Ice Fever 25.01.2014.
Popovic: We were a whole different team in Yaroslavl than now
The Bears are three points closer to their main goal - the playoffs. Even though their win against Atlant in Arena Zagreb hasn't completely secured their spot in the playoffs, the Bears are now just one win away from the 84 points that coach Mark French believes should be enough to carry on the season after the last game of the regular season. They're going to have the chance to get those three crucial points on Saturday (5:30PM) in Laniste's stadium where they will host Lokomotiv, who have been right behind the Bears holding on not to get too far away in points from them. 
''It's been a while since we played against them.  That was at the start of the season and we were a completely different team back then, we didn't know each other so well on the ice'', recalled defenseman Mark Popovic about the first game between Medvescak and Lokomotiv in Yaroslavl, which he watched from the stands, and saw his team lose 3:2 in a shootout. 
''Just like with every new team, we needed some time for everything to come together. We beat CSKA at the opening of the season, and then came that losing streak... I'd say we needed about 10 games for everything to click. Now we play top hockey, especially on home ice. We're ready for every team, but what's most important is that we play our game and that the opponent adjusts to us, and not us to them.''
At the game against Lokomotiv, Medvescak's fans will try to break the record for the loudest cheer at an Indoor Sports Stadium that has to exceed 126 decibels.